What Is Farm To Table?

I’m sure many of you have heard the phrases “Farm to Fork” or “Farm to Table” before. Well if you think about it, just about everything we eat is Farm to Table isn’t it? McDonalds is Farm to Table. It just sounds so much better if it has that label, you feel like you are doing good and supporting your community. However; here are some things to think about, where is my food really coming from, what does local mean to me, and who am I really supporting. Here at Ooooby we source our produce and artisan products within a 150-mile radius from Fresno. With our services you are supporting farmers and business that may be your neighbors, you may drive by their farms on your way to the coast, or even eat at their restaurants. If we are in such an agriculturally rich region, then why would you buy produce and artisan goods from across the country? We are proud to offer a wide variety of products from right here in the valley. So don’t be fooled by the “Farm to Fork” label.

Here are some tips on how to figure out where your food is coming from and if that restaurant is really Farm to Table. When you’re at the grocery store check the labels on your milk, eggs, and produce. Take a few minutes to look up the farm on the label. It may already have a location on it so really don’t need to do much investigation. It may surprise you how far your dairy and produce is traveling from. When you go out to a local restaurant that claims to be “local” or “Farm to Fork”, ask them what that means. Usually restaurants will list the farms they source from on their menus but if they don’t, the chef or manager should be able to tell you. Eating local means eating seasonally. Seasonal produce is more nutritious, more flavorful, and more fresh when they are harvested at their peak ripeness. When you know where your food comes from you know a lot more about what you are feeding your family. So what does “Farm to Table” mean to you?

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