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$2,195.00 raised
GOAL: $5,000.00

UPDATE 2/22/17:

We want to give you an update about a beloved driver and important member of our family, Stephen Wittwer. After the accident that he was in, we'd reported that Stephen was not majorly injured. Unfortunately, Stephen's injuries were significant and his recovery has not been easy or swift. It will be over 2 months before Stephen can return to regular duty.

To help with this difficult situation, we're going to be sending 50% of what is raised here to help Stephen with his mounting expenses not covered by insurance. Please keep Stephen in your thoughts and send him strength and fortitude.   



We want to report that Thursday afternoon 1/5/17, our truck was is a major accident on Highway 41 just south of Oakhust. Our driver, Stephen, was not seriously injured. It is a true miracle that Stephen was able to walk away from the accident. He is now home resting up.


The heavy rains loosened a granite boulder that came down the hill striking a JD Food truck ripping off the rear axle. It veered into the on-coming lane and collided with our truck. CBS Video, Fox News photos

We are so grateful that the JD Food driver was not majorly injured either. However, both trucks are totaled.

Please keep Stephen and the JD Food driver in your thoughts as they recover from their minor injuries and rest up at home with their families. While this accident was unavoidable, in the wet weather and in the mountains, please drive with extra caution.


Our delivery of Ooooby Fresno boxes to Oakhust was interrupted. And we are working to have another delivery vehicle and relief driver for next weeks deliveries. And we hope to have no interruption in service.

Our gratitude goes out the the swift response of CalTrans and CHP. Also we're grateful for FoodLink Tulare County for stepping in to help with our organic potato pick up tomorrow.

Our insurance should cover the truck replacement and Stephen's worker's compensation while he's recovering. However, we are already experiencing some expenses that are uncovered. We could greatly use your support in covering these costs and helping us recover from this accident. 




Who's donating: from Fresno, CA donated. Thank you!
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    donated 2017-02-09 09:12:54 -0800
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