T&D Willey Farms

Pioneering organic farmer Tom Willey shares his story from working in prison parole work to growing food in Madera, California. Tom says "I moved to the San Joaquin Valley because I heard it was the best place on the planet to farm. And it's kinda turned out that way." 

"I try to get everybody to understand that we're all farmers. If you don't grow your own food, you're dependent on the success of another farmer. I grow food for allot of people who are dependent on me for their daily fair."

"I'm Tom Willey of T&D Willey Farms and our vegetables come Out Of Our own backyards."

T&D Willey Willey Farms organic produce is available at https://www.ooooby.org/fresno for the family andhttps://foodcommonsfresno.localorbit.com wholesale for the professional chef. 

Video by http://www.pplhq.com/

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