Sweet Home Ranch

Meet Paul Buxman who farms and paints in Dinuba, CA. They grow a wide variety of stone fruit, persimmons, concord grapes and mandarin oranges. 

Paul took over operations of Sweet Home Ranch from his father. He phased out the use of all chemicals after his son Wyatt had a series of health problems linked to the chemicals. The Buxmans now grow with practices they call California Clean. 

"My 1st memories are farming. I don't have any memory of not farming."

"I have painted hundreds, perhaps thousands of paintings of this visual of man's attempt to try to feed himself."

"This is a long range plan here and it makes me feel good in my heart to say that the most unique thing about Sweet Home Ranch is that it's gonna be better tomorrow, it'll be even better in a year and it'll be fantastic in about 10 years."

Sweet Home Ranch fruit and jams are available at https://foodcommonsfresno.localorbit.com wholesale for the professional chef. 

Video by http://www.pplhq.com/

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