Sourcing Philosophy

Sourcing Philosophy and Procurement Guidelines

Food Commons Fresno seeks to create ease in the growing, selling and consumption of local food. We endorse fresh, local and sustainable food, and create economic opportunity for the region.  In alignment with Food Commons values and principles, our procurement process is guided by the following objectives:  

  1. Buy local - We purchase from growers in the San Joaquin Valley. If we need to go farther afield for quantity, quality, or variety of products, we seek the nearest alternative sources.

  2. Buy quality - We seek the tastiest, highest quality seasonal produce and aim to deliver it to our customers at the peak of freshness, usually within 48 hours of harvest.  

  3. Support diversity, resilience, organic, and sustainability - We support healthy, diversified agriculture and healthy, diversified eating with a variety of products from a variety of sources.  We purchase products grown with sustainable and regenerative practices that nurture the soil, the environment, the community and the workforce. We especially look for third party verification of standards like certified organic.

  4. Create economic opportunity for small farmers - We seek to support the development and scaling of small farmers by purchasing their products at fair and sustainable prices, expanding their markets, and telling their stories to our customers and community.

  5. Provide great value to customers - We seek to provide great value to customers and to make our products affordable for people across the economic spectrum.

  6. Be transparent and accountable - Every purchasing decision involves a balance of multiple, sometimes competing objectives.  We seek always to be as open and transparent as possible about our processes, decisions, and products.  We welcome input and feedback on how we can better serve our suppliers, customers, and community.

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