Job Opening: Community Outreach Coordinator


The Fresno Food Commons Trust (FFCT) and its subsidiary Food Commons Fresno Community Corporation (FCFCC) are working to build a fair, sustainable and thriving community-owned food system in Fresno and the San Joaquin Valley.

We are seeking to increase direct community participation in the development, promotion, and governance of Food Commons Fresno, to ensure that our business and nonprofit activities are responsive to community needs and are integrated with interconnected social, economic and environmental initiatives in the community. We are also expanding our efforts to educate consumers about and provide them with access to locally sourced organic food.

Position Description

The Community Outreach Coordinator will recruit and train Fresno residents to represent the community through our organization’s governing and advisory boards, and to help integrate our work with that of other organizations working on interconnected issues of health and nutrition, economic development, housing, education and job training, social and environmental justice, land use, regenerative agriculture and conservation. The Coordinator will work with the FFCT/FCFCC team to engage community members in the development of a community food hub in southwest Fresno through participation in the design and planning process and through direct investment in our Direct Public Offering. The Coordinator will also support FCF efforts to educate and inspire residents and community leaders about the benefits of locally sourced organic food and local food system development.

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