Building a Whole System Approach


The Food Commons, is a new economic paradigm and whole system approach to local and regional food in which the health of employees, the community and the commons are considered holistically. Food Commons Fresno recognizes the necessity of a broad cultural paradigm shift towards a new operating system in which the relationships between people, their communities and planet are paramount. The Food Commons agro-ecological approach is consistent with the Fresno Business Council Fourth Sphere framework designed to holistically support community economic health and well-being. And, through its operations and governance Food Commons Fresno provides an operational model within a local, livable economy framework.

Food Commons Fresno is now growing a community-owned food system that fosters health, stewardship, equity, and economic development. This system includes farm production, processing, distribution, and retail sales in Fresno and the surrounding San Joaquin Valley.

Broad-based community participation is a core value of the Food Commons. Food Commons Fresno assets are stewarded for the benefit of the community by the nonprofit Food Commons Fresno Trust. Business development is accelerated by collaboration and partnership with existing local food and farming enterprises.






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