We want to hear from you. The information below should help get you to the right person on the Food Commons Fresno team whether you are an existing or potential customer, partner, farmer or friend. When in doubt, try our general inquiries email, and we'll pair you up with the right person on our team and get you the information you need: 


Food Commons Fresno Trust, 501c3

Karen Schmidt, Director  (805) 798-1629


Food Commons Fresno Community Corporation

Warren King, General Manager  (708) 856-2212

Angela Chavez, Office Manager  (559) 674-2642 ext. 703

Blong Lee, Business Development Manager, (559) 674-2642 ext. 702

Gianna Dinuzzo, Marketing Coordinator  (559) 674-2642

Matt Thompson, Buyer  (559) 674-2642 ext. 704


Ooooby Fresno

Eric de Jong, Ooooby Manager  (559) 674-2642 ext. 705

Jose, Nicole,  Customer Happiness

English, Spanish  (559) ORG-ANIC



Rick Ambrose, Wholesale Manager  (559) 674-2642 ext. 701

Stefan Carpenter, Sales  (805) 883-8213


Road 20 Farm

Rick Ambrose, Wholesale Manager (559) 674-2642 ext. 701


Food Commons Fresno Commissary Kitchen

Jason Chavez, Kitchen Manager (559) 674-2642 ext. 707



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