Bounkhong Farms

Meet Joe Phavorachith of Bounkhong Farms who farms with his father, Keo, in Sanger, CA. They grow a wide variety of Indian specialty produce. Last year, Bounkhong Farms was able to purchase 20 acres of land securing their long term access to land. There they are building the soil and growing high quality produce.

"After I got done in school, in 2010, I decided that I'd like to help him out. Give him a little break. Use my muscles for him." says Joe.

"With this place, its our own spot now. And we don't have to worry about any one trying to take our land from us. We can focus on growing amazing produce."

"There's a big market for people that need to eat. So, if we can provide food for them, we'll provide food for the world."

Bounkhong Farms produce is available at wholesale for the professional chef. 

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